Who are we?

Medical Education Company

We are a startup joint stock company focusing on Medical Education, founded by 3 academics in 2021. Our aim is to prepare projects that will help Medical Education in every corner of our country reach a similar standard and infrastructure by using digital resources and special techniques.
The first topics we chose to achieve this goal are Medical Education topics and Academic Development topics in the Clinical years.

EdTech Education R&D Project

We are the contractor of an Education R&D project working within EGE Technopark. We develop remote, modular, SCORM-compliant, interactive, multimedia training modules in accordance with UÇEP and international Medical Education norms via akamedika.com.

Research, Statistics and Academic Development

We strive to provide high quality and comprehensive consultancy, training and services to academics, researchers, students, journals, associations, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies for all subjects and stages of research science, and to reduce the lack of experience and knowledge in this field in our country.

Sectoral Medical Consulting Company

We strive to be the missing link between medicomarketing and active clinicians, with our academics on both sides of the table with our trainings, projects, services and consultancy specific to the pharmaceutical industry.

Our Founders

Dr. Faculty Member

He is an Emergency Medicine Lecturer. He left behind 20 years of his professional life, more than half of which was spent in education. He took part in national and international congresses, courses, seminars and symposium organizations. He took an active part in the education commissions of the faculty, department and associations. He is still the chairman of the Intern Medicine Commission in his institution. He is a member of the Emergency Medicine Qualification Executive Board. 

He taught for 6 years in an evidence-based trauma management course, which was in great demand in the Emergency Medicine community. He is the founding editor of Acıci.net, the largest source of free open access medical education in Turkey. In addition to his editorial duties, he produced nearly 100 content for the site. He is the public relations officer of Acıci.net. 

He served as a moderator in #gecenbihastageldi and #ikincibamak online education projects, which includes 40 live broadcast episodes in total. Basic communication skills trainer. He is the creator of the "Acidcinin Sessions" project, which made his spotify account Acıci.net the first podcast in Turkey in the field of Medicine. 

prof. Dr.
Arif Alper ÇEVİK

He is Professor of Emergency Medicine. He worked as an academician in national and international educational institutions for many years, and took part in many different educational and administrative positions besides clinical service. While he has been carrying out scientific activities in international emergency medicine, emergency medicine education, trauma and bedside ultrasound for 20 years, he has taken a special interest in medical education in the last ten years and has increased his services and studies in this field.

He developed an evidence-based emergency trauma management course to respond to the trauma education needs of emergency medicine residents and was its director for 8 years. Free open access medical education Emergency.netAs one of the founding editors of the International Emergency Medicine Education Project (iem-student.org, iem-course.org) has been implemented.

It carries out studies especially on emergency medicine education in regional and international associations and carries out non-profit projects that will contribute to the development of emergency medicine education in low and middle-income countries.

He is still working abroad.

prof. Dr.

He is Professor of Emergency Medicine. During his professional life of more than 20 years, he has held academic, educational and administrative positions in many different institutions such as health centers, 2nd and 3rd step hospitals, University Hospital, Afiliye Hospital, International Pharmaceutical companies. In the last 10 years, it has increased its work in these areas by focusing on education and research. Turkey's most read Medical Education portal Emergency.Net The site is the largest of its products in this field. There are more than 100 publications and more than 3000 citations in journals indexed within the scope of Pubmed. He has an H-index of 18 and was named to the Stanford Most Influential Scientists List in 2021. Statistics and Research Planning are his special interests and he has books, courses and consultancy in this field. 

Member of the Board of Directors for 2 terms in the Turkish Emergency Medicine Association (TATD), general secretariat of 2 national and 2 international congresses, Chairman of the Education Commission, Presidency of the Emergency Medicine Academy, Member of the National Competency Board Accreditation Commission, Chief Editor of the Turkish Journal of Emergency Medicine, World Emergency Medicine Federation (IFEM) Education and Curriculum Commission and Research Committee membership, and he still carries out duties. 

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