Academic Development Courses

Akamedika is the premier destination for healthcare professionals and academics seeking to enhance their academic growth. Our extensive suite of trainings, encompassing Research Planning, Medical Statistics 1 and 2, Systematic Literature Search, and Sample Size Calculation, is meticulously crafted to support your developmental needs.

Wondering where to begin? Struggling to formulate a research idea? Unsure how to perform your own analysis or write your paper effectively? Find the most precise answers to these questions and more within Akamedika’s leading academic development series.

Our comprehensive training programs, specifically designed for the Medical Department, encompass a broad range of subjects including critical article reading and appraisal, literature reviews, medico-marketing strategies, and communication skills. These programs are tailored to meet the needs of medical executives at all levels of seniority.

In the first year of our custom-designed EDUMED trainings, tailored to the unique requirements of each team, we successfully engaged with over 200 executives, demonstrating our commitment to providing targeted educational solutions.

At Ege University Technopark in Izmir, we are engaged in Education R&D activities, developing new software and interfaces for medical education. Our goal is to transform medical education by creating cleverly designed tools relevant to androgogy. To achieve this, we collaborate with international partners and execute European Union, Horizon, and Erasmus+ R&D projects.

We offer specialized training and technical support to medical associations, working groups and panels involved in complex research projects, such as consensus reports, systematic reviews, and meta-analyses.

We provide training, expert conusltancy, assistance and services such as statistical analysis, research synthesis and risk of bias assessment to expert panels.

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