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akamedika.research is a team of experienced medical researchers that wants to share their experience and knowledge with other researchers. Our team has hundreds of publications in respected medical journals and books. We trained hundreds of young researchers with our academical development series of courses on topics such as methodology, statistical analysis, article writing, critical appraisal. 

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Professor, MD

Professor of Emergency Medicine. Statistics and Research Planning are his special interests and he has books, courses and consultancy in this field. It has more than 100 publications, nearly 4000 citations in journals scanned in various international indexes, and has an h-index of 18. He is on the “World's Most Influential Scientists List”, known as the Stanford List, in '20 and '21. Founded with the #FOAMed movement, he is among the founders of Turkey's most widely read Medical Education portal, Emergencyci.Net.

Gökhan AKSEL
Assoc. Professor, MD

Emergency Medicine Associate Professor. After becoming an Emergency Medicine specialist, he focused on research planning and statistics. It has been organizing courses and seminars in these fields for a long time.

He has more than 100 publications scanned in various international indexes and has an H-index of 14.

Apart from his scientific curiosity, he has passions for photography, graphic & design, painting, motorcycle, mountaineering and camping, and is also an inveterate animal lover.

Assoc. Professor, MD

Emergency Medicine Associate Professor. He has been organizing courses and consulting for clinicians on statistics and methodology for 6 years. He continues to be an active clinician and academic, and has 17 H-indexes with over 100 publications scanned in indexes such as Pubmed, WOS, Scopus.




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