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What is Akamedika.com?

It is an EGE Technopark R&D project that aims to prepare remote, video-based, interactive training sets in accordance with modern medical education norms and UÇEP for the medical curriculum, especially for the clinical years of medical education. 

Akamedika presents the sourced up-to-date content prepared by active experts in the field, with a modern and interactive interface, by structuring them under the supervision of medical education experts. The aim is to deliver practical and real content that you will use while doing your job every day, in the right way.

Key Features of Videos

  • Free from unnecessary crowds of information and invalid examples,
  • Structured in line with learning objectives,
  • Focusing on 3-5 learning objectives that the trainee can focus on,
  • Consisting of short videos of 8 minutes,
  • It is enriched with interactive questions and self-assessment tests.

Modern Interface

Akamedika.com is a very special platform that includes firsts in a modern interface, aiming to present reliable and quality content to you in a pleasant way.

Experienced Instructor Staff

Modules prepared by physicians who are experts in the field and subject are transformed into modular structures under the supervision of our Medical Education Director. 

Video Based Modules

Modules are in the form of packages with interactive SCORM/xAPI technology. You can change and enlarge the slide, video and navigation areas as you wish, mark and take notes on the screen, go to the slide or question you want and run it from the beginning. 

Case-Based Approach

The module starts with a relevant case and is solved by developing this case throughout the module. Videos are always prepared by prioritizing what should come to mind in solving a case. The aim is to provide a practical infrastructure beyond understanding the subject.

Current and Practical

Module contents are prepared in a way that includes practical and up-to-date information that includes application in the field. The forms and doses of drugs available in Turkey are specifically indicated, and treatments that are not accessible in our country are kept in the background. In the application, what to do when ordering and recording is also specified.

Interactive Tests

The videos contain interactive questions such as matching, filling in the blanks, scenario completion, sequencing. Redirects to the video where the information is given, according to the correctness of the response. At the end of the module, there are more classical tests such as true-false, multiple choice, sequencing. A detailed feedback text was prepared for each question and its sources.

Certification and Certification

You can download an Academy-approved certificate after completing each module and keep it as proof of your training.

Forum and Communication

Each module has its own forum area. In this area, students can discuss with each other and with the instructor, ask questions and give feedback.

UCEP Compliant

Academic modules are prepared by targeting the titles defined in the most up-to-date National Core Education Program (UCEP) prepared in the field of Medicine. While preparing the module contents, it is aimed to cover the minimum components determined in the UÇEP for the content of that subject.

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